During 5-11 December 2017, 60 youths from Romania, Spain and Macedonia will get together in Brasov Romania. The participants will be encouraged to seek a common vision and understanding of entrepreneurial education and to know more about successful entrepreneurs from their own countries.

The mobility will create a boarder perspective and different point of view regarding the existent approach of entrepreneurship policy al local and European level, they will get inspired from each country policy and they will understand how the European Commission Recommendation and Policies are applied in each country. The young people will identify the different approach that have a non-European Union country a country that is an EU member state. They will identify needs and problems that cross the country boundaries to solve the problem and respond to the needs. The mobility will develop the entrepreneurial competences and will give the youth the space to apply the gained competences during the project activities. They will simulate the opening of social enterprises and will interact with experts to develop their business plans and strategies. The youths will learn to use the entrepreneurial competences in order to respond to the community problems and needs. The participants will work in a multicultural environment that will help them to understand the importance of diversity as entrepreneur.

In this activity the participants will exchange experience, best practice and ideas to map the entrepreneurship in a multicultural perspective.

The activity is designed based on non-formal education methods and principles, using experiential learning.