More than half of the project pass, more than 12 months since we are working on this beautiful project, encountering amazing and motivated young people, businessmen and experts.

We have developed a progress report so you can understand better the progress and the project activities. Enjoy!

Progress report

The project aim is to facilitate the exchange of competences and experience and to make a network between 3 organisations from Romania, Macedonia and Spain to support entrepreneurship among youth.

The general objective is to develop a programme for entrepreneurship, who will work at European level, which will facilitate the personal and professional development for entrepreneurial competences of 60 youth from Romania, Macedonia and Spain.

The partnership is composed by 3 organisations:

Sprijin si Dezvoltare Association, project applicant and coordinator, with experience and expertise in youth work, employment and non-formal education.

CEFE Macedonia organisation, with experience and expertise in entrepreneurship.

Inercia Digital organisation, with experience in VET and technology.

Main implemented activities and reached results:

  • Exchange of expertise and know-how between the 3 organisations
  • Non-formal education activities for the 60 young people
  • Acquired by the 60 youths entrepreneurial competences, creativity, initiative spirit and increase the cooperation and tolerance between them
  • Started the developing process of the 3 intellectual outputs
  • A learning mobility in Brasov Romania where all the 60 youths met
  • Establish the interaction between the business sector and the 60 young people
  • Ensure the visibility of the project and the dissemination of the results online through each organisation website/ blog and social media accounts, and physically through seminars and local press.