This online course is used to use to develop entrepreneurial competences. The intended audience is youth, 15-30 years old, but can be used also by adults who want to learn more about entrepreneurship.

The open online training course include:

  • 20 written modules in English
  • 20 online videos in English, with a length from 4’37” to 7’55”
  • Subtitles/ transcript for each online video in English, Romanian, Macedonian and Spanish
  • 20 online quizzes in English
  • 20 learning certification budgets
  • 63 modules hand-outs in English, Romanian, Macedonian and Spanish

Learning objectives:

-understand and know the nature of entrepreneurship; the function of an entrepreneur, commercial application of innovations; the first steps to do in a starting your business; how to start a company; the fundamentals an typology of entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial leadership and management style; entrepreneurial support resources; the characteristics of an entrepreneur; tax issues for self-employed persons; the entrepreneurial decision making; risk management; business management

-identify personal attributes that enable best use of entrepreneurial opportunities; identify the need to open a specific business; personal entrepreneurial leadership and management style;

– identify a business idea and know how to assess the market opportunity and financial opportunities

The modules are:

  1. What means entrepreneurship
  2. Why become an entrepreneur?
  3. Business and Work Ethics?
  4. Entrepreneurial Characteristics
  5. Business Plan Steps-Fit for your idea-types of business plans
  6. Sparking Innovation and Creativity
  7. Micro Analysis
  8. Goal setting factors
  9. Introducing Marketing mix
  10. Market and Industry Analysis
  11. Customer Analysis
  12. Marketing Strategy Targeting Positioning
  13. Market Research and Survey
  14. Product Development and Brand
  15. Financial Management
  16. Managing a small business
  17. Human resource management and operation management
  18. Tax issues for self-employed persons, including reporting profit or loss, self-employment tax
  19. Social Entrepreneurship, Differences, Focus, Structure
  20. Advice and help through your business’s life: Finding a mentor, using online resources, and finding in-person assistance

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