We are honoured to write about entrepreneurship for young people who wants to open a business, and for all the people around the world.

The magazine will help you to identify your own business idea. Reading the magazine, you can learn and understand more about entrepreneurship and startup. We had also the pleasure to interview entrepreneurs and discusses more about this subject. They had shared their experience and give valuable advices for you to follow.

Learning objectives:

  • to understand and know about: entrepreneurship in order to get off to the best start possible; key qualities and leadership styles associated with successful entrepreneurs and the entrepreneur role they play in the economy; startup and customer development techniques; what kinds of businesses can be started with little capital and what types of non-profit resources are available to those who are interested in pursuing a new line of work; how the social, economic and political context is influences the entrepreneurship activity and business;
  • to identify a market for the business ideas

The articles from the magazines will also explain the social, political and economic context from Romania, Spain, Macedonia and Europe and how the context can influence a business.

This magazine can be used for personal reading and self-education or as an educational instrument and material in non-governmental organisations, schools, universities, vocational education and training organisations or any other organisation and freelancer.

The articles include:

  • Entrepreneurship policies in Romania, Spain, Macedonia and in the EU
  • Information on the National Strategy and Plan on Entrepreneurship and its outcomes from Romania, Spain and Macedonia
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Business ideas and business examples
  • Business tips and trick, what means to be an entrepreneur in these times, key competences and leadership styles, the entrepreneur role in economy, what means a startup, the first clients, good practices and instruments for entrepreneurs
  • Low-budget businesses
  • Innovation, management, leadership, management styles, financial and human resource management
  • Communication strategies, management strategies
  • Developing products and services, logistics and distribution, sales, clients and price
  • Marketing and brand

You can read and download the magazine from here: