This program will help you to develop your business idea and to analyse it using financial indicators. Using this program, you can:

  • develop business analysis from a financial perspective, respectively one which supports reaching the main objective of sustainable increase in company value, using concepts such as investments, cost of capital, cash flows, capital intensity, break-even point.
  • analyse the proposed business on an ex-ante basis, approaching the initial investment decision, using specific decision instruments (net present value, internal rate of return and discounted payback period).
  • verify and confirm the eligibility and efficiency of the investment, analyse the efficiency, profitability and liquidity aspects using an ex-post approach
  • perform a cost-volume-profit analysis
  • establish the break-even point and its implications for business management

Learning objectives:

  • create connections between the knowledge and practice regarding the entrepreneurship
  • to understand and know how you can manage the business, in short, medium and long term; how to use adequate instruments to create the business in different market; how to use resources efficiently based on the economic and social environment characteristic
  • to evaluate the possibility to run a profitable business, to understand how and when to make investments, as well as how to create strategies and prognoses
  • to identify risk based on the previsions and simulations; to use your creativity and imagination

The programme runs in computers, in order to use it you need to download it in your computer.

Using the program, you can:

  • Write your business idea
  • Develop the financial analyse of your business using financial indicators (The translation of the main indicators from the program is available in English, Romanian, Spanish and Macedonian)
  • Learn for examples, the program gives an example of a business using 3 case scenarios
  • Understand and know the Balance Sheet from Romania, Macedonia and Spain (available in English, Romanian, Spanish and Macedonian)
  • Understand the taxation in Romanian (information available in Romanian and English), in Spain (information available in Spanish and English) and in Macedonia (information available in Macedonian and English)
  • Create start-up budgets using one of the 18 templates available from 18 different domains and fields. You can use the start-up business plans using the program or you can use it in Excel format
  • Save your progress

This is the manual on how to use the program:

The file is accessible through the website here

Or from direct link here: