The time have arrived when we need to say goodbye to this project, to the amazing people that we have encountered and to the professional staff, collaborators and other stakeholders.

We have created an Evaluation Report. Enjoy!

Evaluation report

Youth work and non-formal learning play an important role in developing the creative and innovative potential of youths including entrepreneurial skills.

The project aim was to facilitate the exchange of competences and experience and to make a network between 3 organisations from Romania, Macedonia and Spain to support entrepreneurship among youth.

The general objective was to develop a programme for entrepreneurship, who will work at European level, which will facilitate the personal and professional development for entrepreneurial competences of 60 youth from Romania, Macedonia and Spain.

The partnership was composed by 3 organisations:

  • Sprijin si Dezvoltare organisation, project applicant and coordinator, with experience and expertise in youth work, employment and non-formal education.
  • CEFE Macedonia organisation, with experience and expertise in entrepreneurship.
  • Inercia Digital organisation, with experience in VET and technology.

The project created non-formal activities for 60 youths, 20 from Macedonia, 20 from Romania and 20 from Spain were the young people were equipped with transversal competences, entrepreneurial competences. The 60 youth identified a common vision and understanding of what was meant by entrepreneurial education, build profiles of successful entrepreneurs from their own countries and found solution to community problems through social enterprises. These activities equipped the 60 youth the needed knowledge in order to become an entrepreneur. The non-formal activities created a space for the youth to develop their own business plan with the help of professionals from the business sector and give them the opportunity to experience and what entrepreneur means.

The 3 organisations developed new programme based on the project results, feedback, new needs and new ideas identified during the implementation the 2 partners, programme which aims to create a new way to distribute the information regarding the entrepreneurship education among young people.

The 3 organisations developed 3 intellectual outputs:

One open online course, that teaches the youths the most important aspects regarding the entrepreneurship:

An Entrepreneurship Youth Magazines with 4 issues, which offers practical perspective of the entrepreneurships and social entrepreneurship, trends and examples, tips and tricks:

An entrepreneurship computer program, the Business Plan Dynamic Demonstrator, which helped the youths to put ideas into practice, helped them to create a business plan, to create different scenarios and to start the enterprise:

Other important results:

  • Ensure the interaction between the business, public and education sector and the 60 young people
  • Develop cohesion and understanding across 30 youth with fewer opportunities and 30 youth without fewer opportunities
  • Exchange good practice in order to develop the 60 youth’s personal potential
  • Assist youth and assess their plans, expectations and capacities, and/or will guide them
  • Improve the youth work quality in the organisation
  • Have new instruments in order to develop entrepreneurial competences updated with the world of work
  • Learn about: practices abroad, shared their knowledge and skills with learners, improved competences in the use of Information and ICT, built cooperation with players in civil society; built cooperation with players in the labour market
  • Acquired entrepreneurial competences and other valuable work skills
  • Develop spirit initiative and creativity through creation of the business plan

The 3 organisations implemented the visibility and dissemination activities of the project online through each organisation website, blog and social network accounts, and physically through seminars/ meetings and through 3 Multipliers event, one in Romania, one in Spain and one in Macedonia.