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Impact Report

The project aim was to facilitate the exchange of competences and experience and to make a network between 3 organisations from Romania, Macedonia and Spain to support entrepreneurship among youth.The general objective was to develop a programme for entrepreneurship, who will work at European level, which will facilitate the personal and professional development for entrepreneurial competences of 60 youth from Romania, Macedonia and Spain.

Evaluation Report

The time have arrived when we need to say goodbye to this project, to the amazing people that we have encountered and to the professional staff, collaborators and other stakeholders.We have created an Evaluation Report. Enjoy!

A new programme for entrepreneurship

During the project the 3 organisations, Sprijin si Dezvoltare Association, CEFE Macedonia and Inercia Digital developed a new programme which aims to develop entrepreneurial competences for youth. The program is designed in a long-term perspective and can be used with different type of target groups.

Entrepreneurship Youth Magazine

We are honoured to write about entrepreneurship for young people who wants to open a business, and for all the people around the world.The magazine will help you to identify your own business idea. Reading the magazine, you can learn and understand more about entrepreneurship and startup. We had also the pleasure to interview entrepreneurs and discusses more about this subject. They had shared their experience and give valuable advices for you to follow.

Open Online Course

This online course is used to use to develop entrepreneurial competences. The intended audience is youth, 15-30 years old, but can be used also by adults who want to learn more about entrepreneurship.

Project’s progress

More than half of the project pass, more than 12 months since we are working on this beautiful project, encountering amazing and motivated young people, businessmen and experts.We have developed a progress report so you can understand better the progress and the project activities. Enjoy!