Sprijin si Dezvoltare Association – Coordinator

The projects and activities implemented by us aimed to give a contribution to help tackle socio-economic changes, fighting rising levels of youth unemployment, create a more cohesive and inclusive societies, fostering social inclusion, enhancing intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to a community, as the empowerment of young people and their ability to participate actively in society. We have expertise in youth work, gained through national and international training courses where our youth workers were trained, and by implementing project and activities at national and international level. All our activities and project are using nonformal education theory.

Our mission is to developed communities from Romania, especially rural areas, by offering social, financial and education support for children and youth with fewer opportunities. Almost all the activities that we have are using non-formal education.

The aim of our organization are: develop skills, knowledge and attitudes for youth and children with fewer opportunities, develop civic spirit, mutual understanding between youth with and without disabilities, how to understand and help each other, promoting non-formal education for youth and children with fewer opportunities, promoting inclusive education for youth and children with fewer opportunities and without disabilities, promoting equal opportunities, fight against discrimination on youth and children with fewer opportunities, school counseling and trainings for youth and children
with fewer opportunities, educating youth and children with fewer opportunities in topics like pace, violence, environment, healthy life style, building and developing the capacity, creativity and potential from the target areas.

We also promote volunteering activities, European Citizenship, and mutual understanding between different groups of people. We are involved in local projects which promote, civic involvement, different culture; we are interested in art and culture of other countries.

CEFE Macedonia

CEFE Macedonia is an organization founded in 2008 in Skopje, Macedonia and we work mainly with youth and organizations for promoting and raising entrepreneurship and self employability skills. The mission of CEFE Macedonia is to improve entrepreneurial performance of economic actors by stimulating entrepreneurship and business development skills. We believe and work towards building entrepreneurial society and teach people to be innovators and entrepreneurs. Our main standards in work are proficiency and professionalism in everything we are doing. Our main activities are trainings, consultancy and workshops.

CEFE works according to the CEFE methodology that stands for Competency based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs and represents an accumulation of instruments for entrepreneurship training combined with active and dynamic approach to work and methods of empirical learning in order to develop and improve managerial and individual skills. So far, this methodology has proved as successful approach in promotion of development of small and medium enterprises, new jobs, generating revenue and economic growth.

Inercia Digital

Inercia Digital is a young Andalusian social enterprise founded in 2012 focused on training, innovation and traineeship in digital skills in a European level.

Our mission is to contribute with employment by promoting training and innovation in digital competences all over Europe, developing the digital skills needed in education for ICT professionals, labour force and all citizens.

Inercia Digital has experience in international and European projects, both in and out the Erasmus+ programme with several projects where we participate. Based on its expertise area, during the last years we have created and lead websites and e-learning platforms for education institutions/providers (such as schools, adult education centres, VET, etc.), in order to integrate ICT in their daily activities while developing extensive trainings on digital competences, web tools, e-learning, virtual opportunities and collaborative learning.

Inercia Digital has received the certificate by AENOR as Young Innovative Company and we are implementing the ISO 29990:2010 – Learning services for non-formal education and training – to offer a better  Learning services.