The Entrepreneurship Youth Magazine #1

Dear readers,

Welcome to our first magazine number! We are honoured to write about entrepreneurship for young people who wants to open a business, and for all the people around the world.

The magazine will help you to learn and know more about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, as well as to identify based on examples a business idea. The articles will also explain the social, political and economic context from Romania, Spain, Macedonia and Europe and how this context can influence a business.

The articles from this number are about:

✓ Information regarding youth, employment and labour market at EU28 level
✓ Employment policies at the European level and the Public expenditures for Employment Policies
✓ European Instruments for Employment Policy
✓ Entrepreneurship Policy in Romania, Macedonia and Spain
✓ Strategy for innovation of the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian entrepreneurship ecosystem
✓ What is a social business?
✓ Example of social businesses and businesses from Romania, from Macedonia, from Spain, from Europe and across the world
✓ Instruments for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs
✓ Interviews with entrepreneurs and case studies
✓ What means to be self-employed and an entrepreneur, and the procedures to start the self-employed activity

This magazine can be used for personal reading and self-education or as an educational instrument and material in non-governmental organisations, schools, universities, vocational education and training organisations or any other organisation and freelancer.

You can read it below or download it here: