The Entrepreneurship Youth Magazine #3

Dear readers,

This is the third issues of the magazine! This issue is focused on innovation approach to management and strategies, leadership and entrepreneurship styles and communication. The magazine will help you to identify your own business idea. Reading the magazine, you can learn and understand more about entrepreneurship and startup. We had the pleasure to interview entrepreneurs in this issue. They had shared their experience and give valuable advices for you to follow.

The articles from this number will contain:

✓ Innovation: innovative approach to management, innovation styles in communication to stakeholders and social media, innovative management towards working environment, innovation in financial management and accounting
✓ Management: long-term management strategy, medium-term management strategy, short-term management strategy, management plan
✓ Management and leadership styles
✓ Financial management
✓ Human resource management: tasks and responsibilities, work environment and team building, set up aim and objectives, control and evaluate the work performances, staff motivation
✓ Communication
✓ Example of business and interviews with entrepreneurs

The articles will also explain the social, political and economic context from Romania, Spain, Macedonia and Europe and how the context can influence a business.

This magazine can be used for personal reading and self-education or as an educational instrument and material in non-governmental organisations, schools, universities, vocational education and training organisations or any other organisation and freelancer.